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Raise money for your worthy organization while selling a healthy, low calorie popcorn snack. Sweet Alice Gourmet Popcorn in Chicago, Illinois, offers excellent fundraising opportunities for your school, church, civic group, or other organization. 

As a local company, we know how important it is to support worthwhile causes in communities across America. That's why we try to make our fundraising program as easy and profitable for you as possible. Choose from among our most gourmet popcorns, like, Cheesy Cheese, White, and Caramel popcorn flavors.

Earn Quickly

You earn as much as you require while selling a product everyone loves. Your group retains 25% of your total sales. With so many flavors to offer, people will love to buy from you while supporting your organization. Our gourmet popcorn makes a wonderful gift and of course, folks love to eat it themselves.

Each order during a fundraising campaign is made fresh and received by you within one week. We offer you excellent customer support, and no money is required up-front until the order is placed. Contact Sweet Alice Gourmet Popcorn today if you are interested in setting up a fundraiser with us. 
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